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Business of Innovations in Optics & Photonics


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) 

Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics (KSOP)

Winter Semester 2012


Objective of Course:

The student is expected to gain an understanding how innovative concepts for optical and photonics products are transferred into a successful business development. The process is explained on a current example Head Mounted Display (Cinemizer) out of the New Venture Business of Carl Zeiss. The students are given an introduction into areas like intellectual property, data base research, business plan development project design a.o. Equal emphasis is placed on relevant technology aspects. Students will work in small groups to develop business cases, the best of which will receive an award.


Course breakdown:

Day 1 (2 h)            Introduction (Prof. Dr. M. Kaschke)

Oct 15.                   - Introduction

                                - Background of the Cinemizer of CZ?

                                - Where do we stand today?

                                - Brainstorming


Day 2 (2 h)            Technology Introduction

Oct 22.                   (Prof. Dr. U. Lemmer, Dr. M. Weber)

                                - Display technology

                                - LCD, CMOS, OLED

                                - Color management

                                - HMD

                                - HUD

                                - Optical designs

                                - Diffractive optics


Day 3 (2h)            Group Work Technology (Dr. M. Weber)

Oct 29.           


Day 4 (2 h)           Group Presentations Technology

Nov 5.                    (Prof. Dr. U. Lemmer, Dr. M. Weber, Dr. J. Peter)


Day 5 (2 h)            Business Case Developmen

Nov 12.                  Business Plan (Dr. J. Peter)

                                - Market segmentation

                                - Market research

                                - Essentials of finance

                                - How do I write a business plan?

                                - Blueprint of a business plan


Day 6 (2 h)            IP-Management

Nov 19.                  (Head of CZ AG Patent Office, K. Gnatzig)

                                - The role of IP management

                                - Patent research

                                - Patent claims

                                - Licencing

                                - Patent infringement

                                - Patent litigation


Day 7 (2 h)            Project Design and Design to Cost

Nov 26.                  (Prof. Dr. M. Kaschke, Dr. M. Weber)

                                - How to design a R&D project?

                                - Target costing

                                - How to achieve target costing?

                                - Networked product development


Day 8 (3h!)           Simulation New Product Generation – Group Work

Dec 3.                    (Prof. Dr. M. Kaschke, Dr. M. Weber)

                                - Simulation Game

                                - Running Product Development

                                - Groups 1-3


Day 9 (3h!)           Simulation New Product Generation – Group Work

Dec 10.                    (Prof. Dr. M. Kaschke, Dr. J. Peter)

                                - as Day 8 for Groups 4-6


Day 10                   Project Start – Group Work 

Dec 17.                  (Prof. Dr. M. Kaschke, Dr. J. Peter)

                                - Project and Introduction into Group work


Day 11                   Group work (Prof. Dr. U. Lemmer, Dr. M. Weber)

Jan 14. 2013


Day 12                   Group work (Prof. Dr. M. Kaschke, Dr. J. Peter)

Jan 21. 2013


Day 13                   Presentation of Group Work

Feb 4. 2013          Excursion to Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen (Full day)